Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting are essential and integral for businesses seeking financial success and predictability. San Jose based KNR Services, Inc. provides you with accurate and high quality bookkeeping services that will help your business build credit and financial success.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Services

Save Time. Bookkeeping can be extremely time consuming. Data entry and reconciliation distract you and your staff from focusing on supporting your customers and developing better products and services. KNR Service’s bookkeeping staff is trained to enter and reconcile your financial data quickly and efficiently. They can also provide a variety of crucial reports to help you run your business.

Insure Accurate Results. Accuracy is key for making the right business decisions, and insuring the correct information is provided to government bodies. If you have someone in your company providing bookkeeping services part time, chances are they aren’t up-to-date with the latest tax laws and the most current versions of accounting software. You are taking a chance you are operating your business from the wrong information. KNR’s bookkeeping staff includes members who are QuickBooks certified. All bookkeepers in our company are trained professionals.

Save Money. When your financial data is entered accurately the first time, you save the cost of rework. You can make solid financial decisions rather than costly mistakes because you are working from accurate data. Your tax burden may be lessened because you are taking advantage of current tax information and accurate financial records.

Two Tiers of Bookkeeping Services

KNR Services, Inc. is located in San Jose with easy access to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We understand that different companies have different bookkeeping service needs, so we provide two levels of service:

For the entrepreneur with a small retail or service business (under 12 employees, $500,000 to $3M annual gross revenue), we provide a standard bookkeeping services to meet your needs. Please contact us to inquire about our hourly rates and set up a free appointment to review your situation.

For small to medium-sized companies (over 12 employees, above $3M annual gross revenue), we provide individualized bookkeeping services. Our priority is to partner with you and your company to maximize your profits by providing you a clear picture of your financials through easy to read monthly management reports, so you have the predictability you need to make sound business decisions. To see a demonstration of KNR Services’ ability to provide the financial acumen your company needs to increase your profitability, please contact us to set up a complimentary visit.